Gearbox-Portfolio Key-Eng GmbH (sales Agency NGC)


You don’t see a gearbox which you need? We can offer customized solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Just ask us, we will gladly advise you on the selection of the suitable drive train solution and provide you with the necessary parameters for the design of your specification.


Standard MPG Series

Applied to various slewing drives, such as roller crusher drive, sugar mill drive, central drive tube mills, slewing drive of port crane, lifting drive of winch and heavy drives in mining, construction machinery and coal mine industries and etc.


Transmission stages: 2 - 4

Range of ratio: 25-4.000

Rated output torque: 100 - 5.800 kNm

Standard MHB Series

Belt conveyor, bucket conveyor, blender, lifting equipment, travel-ling machine, paper making machine, drying machine, rotary kiln, powder concentrator, stretch roll and etc.


Transmission stages: 2 - 5

Range of ratio: 1,25 - 450

Rated output torque: 2 - 1.400 kNm

Vertical Mill Gearbox

Raw material, cement slag, gypsum and coal ash grinding, as well as pre-grinding, in building material industries; coal and limestone mill in power and metallurgical industries and grinding systems in calcite, ceramic powder and mine industries.


Transmission stages: 2 - 4

Range of ratio 20 - 60

Rated power 80 - 9.000k

Center Drive Gearboxes for Mill 

Applied to industries such as cement processing, coal and mines etc., the gearboxes are used for tube mill to grind materials such as ore, coal sheets or cement clinker.


Transmission stages: 2 - 3

Range of ratio: 20 - 60

Rated power: 800 - 8.000 kW

Chain Conveyor Gearboxes

Suitable for underground coal mines and other similar poor working conditions. The chain conveyor gearbox can be used with inclination angles up to 30°. Flexible chain conveyors, loaders, crusher.


Transmission stages: 1 - 3

Range of ratio: 3.5 - 40

Rated power: 40 - 1.600 kW

Sugar Processing Gearbox

Gearbox for sugar cane pressing machinery is optimally designedfor high efficiency. Optimezed tooth surface and large teeth contact ratio.


Transmission stages: 1 - 3

Range of ratio: 25 - 300

Rated power: 100 - 5.800 kW

Rubber & Plastic Gearbox

Gearboxes for : 

  • Internal Mixers
  • Open-Type Mixing Mills
  • Single Screw Extruder
  • Extruder & Calender


Transmission stages: 1 - 3

Range of ratio: 25 - 300

Rated power: 100 - 5.800 kW

High-Speed Gearbox

Applicable to steam turbines, power generation gas turbines, centrifuge axial fans, blowers, compressors, high- and low-pressure pumps, catalytic cracking for energy recovery, oxygen generators, etc..


Transmission stages: 1 - 3

Speed range : 3.000 - 25.000 RPM

Rated power: 500 - 100.000 kW

Bar and Wire Gearbox

Applied to the large, medium and small bar production lines; to the wire and high-speed wire production lines; and to the partial sectional steel production lines.


Transmission stages: 1 - 3

Range of ratio: up to 120

Rated torque: up to 1.200 kNm

Engineering Machinery

  • Travelling mechanism of the crawler excavator, crawler crane, aerial work platform.
  • Rotating mechanism of the crane, excavator, horizontal directional driller.
  • Winch and hoist mechanism of crane, rotary drilling rig, deck crane.


Product Group: SCM-T, SYM, SPT, GJX, SCM-W

Speed range : 4-2.500 RPM

Rated output torque: 270-1.300 kNm

Petro Chemical Gearbox

  • Gearboxes for the winching of oil drilling rigs. The automatic shifting gearbox utilizes an electromagnetic valve for energy-savings. 

  • Bevel gearboxes for the rotary table is matched with the winch gearbox to provide power for the drilling tool.
  • The gearboxes for fracturing plunger pumps are applied to large power, extreme high pressure and continuous working for  under complex working conditions. 

Standard Coupling

  • Gear Coupling AUREX, Multi-Plate Coupling CONREX and Jaw Couplings FLEXREX S,M &L-Series connect machine shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment with low return forces. 
  • Nominal torque 15Nm to 185kNm

          Shaft diameter 6mm to 250mm

  • The couplings are suitable for cement mills, mixers, generator drives, fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools and general mechanical engineering.